Saturday, November 7, 2009

Regarding the Yahoo group "agape" website

Its been a several weeks since any of you have heard from me on "agape".
I generally post only that which I find relative and productive.

Well, a few of us have agreed that we should remove from access to this site
anyone who does not contribute comments and or support.

The consensus is that as long as we make the information free, the 400+ members
that observe but don't contribute will never come forward.

I put this thought out to you. If you are here with us in spirit, If you are
here with us emotionally, then you can post a comment in support. You don't have
to live nearby. It only takes a minute every now and then.

To those of you who do comment (regardless of your opinions), of course you
would continue to have access. But to those of you who chose to remain
"observers", I suggest that you be prepared to lose your ability to "watch
others do all the work".

I give you all one week to step forward and make some kind of contribution of
time and energy to the cause (something as simple as posting a comment so we
know you're interested).

At that point we regret to inform you that access to this site and your
membership thereof will be suspended.

Today is 11/7/09. Next Saturday is the cut off.

Those of you who are regular contributors know who you are. Dont worry, this
will not affect your membership access.

To post a comment on the yahoo group site go to:

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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