Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kerycs house.

In Listings: Marshals Selling Mini-Madoff Montauk Home
The U.S. Marshals have another Montauk listing on their hands, this one to the tune of $2.499 million. The 4,000 square foot home is owned by Jason Keryc, a former salesman for Agape World Inc., a Long Island company involved in a $400 million Ponzi-scheme run by its owner. (Keryc hasn't been charged with anything, but the home is part of a civil forfeiture case.) The listing for the two-story colonial went to Elliman's auctioneer extraordinaire Enzo Morabito, and once sold, the recouped millions will go into escrow until a final decision in the case. Though the house was built in 2003, Real LI reports that Keryc only bought the home in July 2008, for the slightly higher price of $2.7 million. If we know our Marshals, that number will be right back to its rightful pre-recession level in no time.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 2009 "trustee filings" with the court

September 2, 2009 Notice of Settlement of Order Granting Trustees First Omnibus Objection to Duplicate and Superceded Proofs of Claim.pdf NEW

Notice of Settlement of Order Granting Trustees Second Omnibus Objection to Duplicate and Superceded Proofs of Claim.pdf NEW
September 9, 2009 2004 Application for Production of Documents Examination of Christian Tully.pdf NEW
September 14, 2009 Notice to Creditors.pdf NEW
September 21, 2009 Trustees Third Omnibus Objection Seeking to Reclassify Certain Proofs of Claim Filed Against the Estate to General Unsecured Claims.pdf NEW

Trustees Fourth Omnibus Objection Seeking to Reclassify Certain Proofs of Claim Filed Against the Estate to General Unsecured Claims.pdf NEW

Trustees Fifth Omnibus Objection Seeking to Disallow Certain Proofs of Claim Filed Against the Estate.pdf NEW

Trustees Sixth Omnibus Objection Seeking to Reclassify and Reduce Certain Proofs of Claim Filed Against the Estate.pdf NEW
September 22, 2009 Trustees Objection to and Seeking to Disallow Proof of Claim Number 3526 Filed by Triton Capital Partners LLC Triton Mezzanine Fund LP and Richard Mittasch.pdf NEW
September 23, 2009 2004 Application for Production of Documents Examination of Ocean To Bay Tours Inc..pdf

to see these docs go to Silvermans website

upcoming events

October 8, 2009:
Time: 11:00 a.m

Hearing, if Objections to Trustee's Sale of Louisiana Property
October 15, 2009:
Time: 3:00 p.m
Status Conference

Inquest: Silverman v. Cosmo

Pre-trial Conference: Silverman v. Hugo Arias, et. al.

Pre-trial Conference: Silverman v. Precision Processing, et. al.

Pre-trial Conference: Silverman v. Brandino Corp., et al.

For update on cosmo. google "cosmo agape newsday"

it seems he may be guilty of violating his agreement with court and subject to re-incarceration.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spoke to Agage Bankruptcy Trustees Office Yesterday

Rachael Dioguardi spoke To Bob and I for a good 30 minutes, answering any and all our questions as best she could.

The bottom line, The Trustees office is working aggressively towards recovering assets from brokers, investors who made profits, and any third parties that might have had a hand in supporting this fraud.

Many of the Agape brokers have had their assets frozen and are either cutting deals with the Trustee to avoid prosecution or pleading the 5th amendment.

As it was explained to us, Pleading the 5th would lead to a "negative inference" (Negative inference, is where an interpreter takes a statement of fact and then assumes the negative premise is true) position on the part of the investigation and the Trustee would take action accordingly.

The Trustee is about two weeks from having a final dollar amount of legitimate claims and claimants. They also expressed a possibility of a first disbursement sometime in December 2009.
The Disbursement wouldn't amount to much in the big picture but it would be a first step.

They also mentioned the probability of having another large law firm represent them (and us) in investigating third party liability (BOA, Commodities brokers, etc,).

All in all, I would say the Trustee is doing a great Job.

hang in there brothers and sisters,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Demonstration 09/12/09

My friends,
Today was wonderful. I stood shoulder to shoulder with good men, women and
children, telling who ever would listen that we were violated and that Bank of
America played a key role in that crime.

I'm very proud of you all.
I like the energy you brought to the demonstration, Rob, Rob Jr, Frank, Lu,
Ralph, Bob, Ellen, Jimmy... so many good people.
I wish I could remember all the names.

I have a few suggestions for the next gathering.

1. We wear "stick on name labels" (it'll help us relate to each other)

2. We Make up some "clear, concise poster boards. Pick up some 3/4 inch paint
brushes and make the lettering bold - easy to read.

3. Keep the messages simple

4. Don't use "BOA" abbreviation. Lets make sure the passerby's know we are
talking about "BANK OF AMERICA"

5. Lets designate task such as "walkers (we have to keep the group moving to
avoid loitering accusations), poster holders (Actually, i think poster boards
should be hung around the next with a ribbon when not being held high for
passing cars to read), flyer distributors (some to approach BOA customers coming
and going to and from the bank while others approach the cars that stop at the
red lights near the designated corners.

6. We take pictures and video's (i can edit the video and post it or email it if
need be)

7. We make up several hundred flyers or notices to be handed out to passersby.
The Poster boards will only keep their attention for the few seconds it takes to
read them. The flyers can be read later and contain information that leads the
reader to websites and related information.

8. Last but not least. We need a bigger turnout. We have two weeks to get it
ready. I'm going to post the list of email addresses we have recorded over the
past 9 months.
Use it. Send letters to whomever you can. Motivate them to take part in the
They dont need to be here with us on Long Island. I'll post the Flyers online,
they can print them and follow the same protical wherever they live and hold
demonstrations at those locations.
Two or more people at several branches can have a significant effect.
Lets show the world that we are organized and committed to seeking justice.

Today I saw a group of people willing to work for what is right.
Lets keep the ball rolling.




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