Tuesday, February 1, 2011

60 days later...

been a while since we posted any comments. i guess the gist of things falls into the "no news is good news" catagory. i dont know of anyone involved thats had a judgement placed on his or her houses. and or bank accounts frozen. i guess thats good.

meanwhile, the trustee is suing everyone he can except for the real criminals and we the victims are on the dirty end of the stick once again and still.

i wish he would follow (madoffs trustee) picards example and go after the banks and commodaties brokers that propped cosmo up and gave him a clear line of fire when he was taking aim at our financial futures.

three things i'd like to make clear in this posting,

1. i give mad credit to the egyptions. they stand up as one voice and fight for what they believe is right - i wish we the victims had the same courage, strength and willingness to step out of our comfort zone to be heard.

2. i'd be happy to see cosmo get off easy, if i were offered the opportunity to be made whole again.

3. im sure im just spitting in the wind. my voice like my opinion means nothing to any of this at the end of the day.

6000 victims, and not a whisper from the masses.
what a shame.

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Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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