Monday, June 1, 2009

Another week gone by.

It would seem that as the weeks go by, a great number of us have come to accept our losses with less anxiety. That is not to say that we have decided to walk away from them, but slightly complacent.
I guess its a good thing to move on with our lives while the government and attorneys work towards some justice and recovery for us.

Personally, I cant help feeling that we should continue to keep the pressure on. My gut tells me that BOA is geared up for a fight. Certainly, it would be cheaper to have a small army of attorneys (already on retainer) keep this thing in court until our children and grandchildren might see some closure, however, If we make enough noise and ask the average American consumer to sanction BOA for aiding a criminal to bilk $400 million from honest hard working fellow Americans... Maybe the potential "bad press" and "lost revenue" might encourage them to play fair.

So the question is... If we organized monthly protest against BOA, How many of us would attend?
If you are interested in responding, please do so in the yahoo group "poll" section.
I hope your day is whatever you want it to be.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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