Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kerycs house.

In Listings: Marshals Selling Mini-Madoff Montauk Home
The U.S. Marshals have another Montauk listing on their hands, this one to the tune of $2.499 million. The 4,000 square foot home is owned by Jason Keryc, a former salesman for Agape World Inc., a Long Island company involved in a $400 million Ponzi-scheme run by its owner. (Keryc hasn't been charged with anything, but the home is part of a civil forfeiture case.) The listing for the two-story colonial went to Elliman's auctioneer extraordinaire Enzo Morabito, and once sold, the recouped millions will go into escrow until a final decision in the case. Though the house was built in 2003, Real LI reports that Keryc only bought the home in July 2008, for the slightly higher price of $2.7 million. If we know our Marshals, that number will be right back to its rightful pre-recession level in no time.

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