Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Demonstration 09/12/09

My friends,
Today was wonderful. I stood shoulder to shoulder with good men, women and
children, telling who ever would listen that we were violated and that Bank of
America played a key role in that crime.

I'm very proud of you all.
I like the energy you brought to the demonstration, Rob, Rob Jr, Frank, Lu,
Ralph, Bob, Ellen, Jimmy... so many good people.
I wish I could remember all the names.

I have a few suggestions for the next gathering.

1. We wear "stick on name labels" (it'll help us relate to each other)

2. We Make up some "clear, concise poster boards. Pick up some 3/4 inch paint
brushes and make the lettering bold - easy to read.

3. Keep the messages simple

4. Don't use "BOA" abbreviation. Lets make sure the passerby's know we are
talking about "BANK OF AMERICA"

5. Lets designate task such as "walkers (we have to keep the group moving to
avoid loitering accusations), poster holders (Actually, i think poster boards
should be hung around the next with a ribbon when not being held high for
passing cars to read), flyer distributors (some to approach BOA customers coming
and going to and from the bank while others approach the cars that stop at the
red lights near the designated corners.

6. We take pictures and video's (i can edit the video and post it or email it if
need be)

7. We make up several hundred flyers or notices to be handed out to passersby.
The Poster boards will only keep their attention for the few seconds it takes to
read them. The flyers can be read later and contain information that leads the
reader to websites and related information.

8. Last but not least. We need a bigger turnout. We have two weeks to get it
ready. I'm going to post the list of email addresses we have recorded over the
past 9 months.
Use it. Send letters to whomever you can. Motivate them to take part in the
They dont need to be here with us on Long Island. I'll post the Flyers online,
they can print them and follow the same protical wherever they live and hold
demonstrations at those locations.
Two or more people at several branches can have a significant effect.
Lets show the world that we are organized and committed to seeking justice.

Today I saw a group of people willing to work for what is right.
Lets keep the ball rolling.


Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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