Thursday, March 12, 2009

Todays hearing at Bankruptcy court 03/12/09

Mr. Silverman and his team asked the judge for permission to continue on as permanent trustees in the agape world inc case.

The Judge was clear about keeping the trustee on the right track towards the greatest recovery of victims lost assets.
The Interim Trustee and his team outlined their past and present activity, along with their future plans to facilitate a speedy recovery.
They seems to have done considerable research but are nowhere near completion.

The trustee announced that they would be launching a victim friendly website sometime next week for updates and cooperative interaction between his office and the victim group.
It was also suggested by the trustee and agreed upon by the court that Mr Silverman (trustee) would hire some accounting firms to assist in the tracking and analysis of the Agape funds and assets.

I believe strongly that we need to re-emphasize our need to be included in the process of determining the fate of the recovery.
I'd like to see the Trustee appoint a committee of victims to act as liasons between his office and our group.
We can surely be of great assistance in gathering data, information and potential leads for his office to develop at "no cost" to the groups eventual recovery.
Be sure to send the Trustee the questionarre and perhaps a letter stating your position on any of the asset recovery plans.

Topics to consider:
Can and will clawbacks be implemented?
Will the IRS or other government agencies return taxes paid by agape, brokers or investors to the victim pool?
Will the Trustee sue third parties for negligence? Or support the suit by other law firms?

For many weeks we have advocated a sit and wait position.
That time has passed.
Start calling and writing to your Senators, Councilmen, legislators, News media etc.
I would even advocate "letters to the president".
Lets make the country aware of our situation.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that anything will get done without your individual efforts.
It will take every one of us working towards a common goal to see this thing succeed.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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