Thursday, March 19, 2009

We’re angry, anxious, disappointed and concerned

  • With Michael A. Kessler private investigator, a former investigations chief for the state’s Department of Tax and Finance and former director of its Revenue Crimes Bureau.

Early last year while Kessler working for a client to determine the agape risk factor, he concluded mid 2008 that this was a ponzi and took the time to protect his client and notify several governmental agencies about his findings.
Surely he could have done more to alert the public.
With the media and internet available to us all surely something could have been done.

  • With the government
    At that time, Kessler notified the Suffolk County Police who referred him to the Suffolk County District Attorney, who told him they didn’t have jurisdiction over the matter and referred him to the New York State Attorney General’s office, which ignored it.

And how about :
Thomas J. SpotaSuffolk County District Attorneywho’s Executive Offices are in Hauppauge, NY (practically neighbors to the agape main office)
Quote from The District Attorney website :

My office is the public’s advocate in the criminal justice system and the first line of defense against those whose acts and conduct serve notice on society that they are not fit to live amongst us.

In addition to safeguarding the physical security of people, the District Attorney must also ensure that citizens are not the victims of economic injustice

I also promise the people of Suffolk County that my office will be proactive in investigating consumer frauds as well as prosecuting any business that engages in false advertising, bait and switch tactics or any other scams intent on defrauding the public.

This is the responsibility I now accept as your District Attorney. In every word and deed I’ll strive to prove worthy of the trust and confidence that you have reposed in me.

So according to this DA’s office …they didn’t have jurisdiction over the matter?
What happened to first line of defense, ensuring that citizens are not the victims of economic injustice and being proactive in investigating fraud as well as any business that engages in false advertising, bait and switch tactics or any other scams intent on defrauding the public.

Interesting that the DA’s office would “not want to get involved” but would be the first in line to push potential witnesses to a crime that didn’t directly affect them to “get involved”.

  • Now lets talk about the attorney generals office.
    How does the Attorney Generals office ignore the potential injury to so many victims?
    Under thier umbrella operates:
  • The Consumer Frauds Bureau"
    This Bureau, prosecutes businesses and individuals engaged in fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or illegal practices. As part of its mission, the Bureau provides information to consumers and to ensure a fair market place.
  • The Investor Protection Bureau
    The Investor Protection Bureau is charged with enforcing the Martin Act. The Martin Act gives the Attorney General power to conduct public and private investigations of suspected fraud.
    Their motto
    The New York State Office of the Attorney General is committed to protecting the rights of victims of crime and abuse.

Where were they when Kessler notified them in august?
Did you know that the trustees office noted in federal court last week that over the past 12 months approx 20 million dollars a month was invested, right up to January 2009?

  • With the trustees office
    Where are they in this investigation?
    Why don’t they meet with a small group of us to work together on hidden assets? We have a group of over 300 victims writing or calling us every day with information. Isn’t there a small possibility that we might have some insight into the dealing of cosmo and his court jesters?
  • With the victims:
    Too many of them are waiting for someone to save them. A handful of them are actively attending meetings, interviews and researching possible avenues of recovery.
    The rest should be writing letters, signing petitions, calling for state and local government to assist us.
    You know what I think; President Obama should be getting 5000 letters a week from our group asking him to bail us out.
    We will promise not to spend it on parties.

    My concern:
    We aren’t the madoff victims. We don’t have the same access to the powers that protect.
    We don’t make significant contributions to political campaigns.
    We don’t rub elbows with the “upper class”. We aren’t celebrities, or warren buffets.
    We are simple hardworking middle class America.
    We are soldiers in, Iraq, police and firemen serving the public at risk to our very lives, Widows, single parents , mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers all working to support our families in the worst economic time in this generations history.

But, No one is listening, no one cares… Until it happens to them.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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