Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday night 2/20/09 with Jacob Zamansky Esq.

A very good turnout.
A special thank you to the “Lindenhurst Village Mayer Thomas Brennan” for use of the Rainbow Center.
Mr. Zamansky highlighted his background and experience in similar legal matters such as ours, with a strong emphasis on one or more particular “third party defendants” .

In his question and answer session, he promised to present the group a proposal that would outline his contingency fee and a minimal “end of case - not before or during” budget for outside expenses (this was not pertaining to his firms hourly rates - he is not charging us hourly rates). He was kind enough to suggest that he would very likely advance these fees so as not to cause the group anymore financial difficulty.
I personally, and hope that you would all agree, would “wait and see” the proposal before asking questions and/or making any assumptions as to “what these fees might be”.

If you don’t like the written proposal when it comes, you can opt to look for another firm, ask to negotiate the proposal or simply chose not to be represented at all.

My understanding of where this case goes is dependant on the “evidence” of collusion or negligence on the part of the third parties.

It’s been suggested that should any of the group have any names of anyone that might have information about how “agape” was run - from sub brokers, to brokers, to office policy, to management, or any back end policies to move deposits and or returns to and from investors through banks or commodity brokers, they should contact Mr. Zamanskys office.
I would suggest you ask for “Amber” as she seems to be running the "details and data" part of the investigation for Mr. Zamansky.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
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