Friday, February 13, 2009

Zamansky in short:

Mr. Zamansky worked as a Federal Prosecutor for a number of years in Washington representing the Banks and brokerage. He is a brokerage and commodities specialist, an expert in money laundering and bank laws.
COST: 33% contingency. No out of pocket costs. In his words "I am not going to take a nickel out of your pocket" Any money recovered by the receiver or trustee (the court appointed attorney) to oversee what the feds get back, has nothing to do with this lawsuit and is not included in the contingency

LAW SUIT: He feels that there are two primary targets. Mann Financial (commodities broker) and
Bank of America. He says BofA is currently involved in similar lawsuits. Also “” and “dun and bradstreet”. He said he would look into if any money was passed from Cosmo to Entrepreneur.
He will also look into the “premium protection plan” insurance scam.

STATE vs FEDERAL COURT: He feels state court is better. Federal judges are appointed by the president of US and are less likely to be swayed by public opinion and or civilian hardships. State judges are elected by the people and will be more inclined to make decisions based on what is fair as opposed to what the written law demands. He won't rule out fed court if at some point he feel it may be more prudent.

Mr Zamansky is going to work towards recovering the money we invested and punitive damages.
He will not represent any broker or anyone who worked for a commission with nick.He is currently representing people in 5 ponzi scheme cases

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
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