Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Feb 25 2008

Update: Bob Mcmanus and I will be meeting with "lewis burke esq" of 460 park ave.,21st flr.,new york n.y. tel.#212-682-1700". If you have questions for them, we also recommend calling the firm directly at 212-682-1700. This firm was brought to our attention by some "fellow agape justice league members (just kidding about the justice league thing - but hate to use the word "victims" when I describe our group. This new group, it has been suggested is over 500 people strong with close to 50 million in losses. We are hoping to join our group to theirs. A larger group represents more strength.By coincidence, I have also recently acquired the names, addresses and phone numbers of 567 agape investors of one of the brokers. We will be making arrangements to reach out to them and see if we can help them to help us as well.We havent given up on, but are waiting for a proposal from "Mr Zamansky" that highlights his intentions and fee structures.We feel it would be prudent to hear all offers until a decision can be made based on facts.There's a meeting tonight hosted by Mr Mullholand and we should have something to post on that meeting by tomorrow.One last thought, for now...There really isnt anything new going on that warrants your full attention. We are still gathering information on who we are, and what net losses we represent.We, some group managers will need this information to negotiate better arrangements with the law firms when we get any proposals.So if you would, please. Go to Yahoo Group and post all your contact info and net loss figure.That is how you can help us to help you going forward.Thanks and have a great day. Good things will come our way.
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Our Strength and Unity
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