Thursday, February 5, 2009

Its time to set up our groups.

I would like to suggest that some of us put together groups of 20 agape plaintiffs that they would like to represent (or report to and from).
The group "reporter" should be:
  1. available to make meetings (law firm interviews and or group update sessions) day or night
  2. fluent in the language of his group
  3. prepared to take written notes from meetings with attorneys
  4. prepared to take questions to the attorneys from the group
  5. comfortable with computer / internet exchanges

I would like to hear from the group on this matter ASAP. I believe it is time to step up the pace and show that we are more than a mob, we have become a family of brothers and sisters.

Anyone interested in being part of my (dom dicolandrea) group, please email me. I would prefer to work with people from out of state, as I know that they cannot make each meeting and need someone local to speak to and for them.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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