Monday, February 2, 2009

Meeting at Rivkin /Radler

The meeting was attended by what seemed to be over a hundred and fifty investors (I didnt count them). We heard from Barry Levy esq. and two other associates, about the merits of working with what he described his firm as "the largest in Long Island" with "a tremendous amount of resources at his disposal" to service our needs.
He mentioned several components to his strategy, including going after the core defendants and several other periferral groups.
Mr Levy suggested that we the plaintifs should file in federal court because of the level of sophistication needed that state courts might not offer.
It was also recommended that we organize a committee of group leaders to meet with sub groups, organize voting structures on several issues including but not limited to how we will disperse any awards (perhaps on a pro rata basis).
His law firm has offered to represent the group with a "retainer for hours spent on the case".
I would suggest that you call the law firm directly to discuss the offer. I wouldnt want to post it publicly and or misrepresent the offer.
Some of the investors exchanged information at the close of the meeting and will communicate further on the potential to create committees.
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