Friday, February 6, 2009

Newsday interview Sunday.

I'm sure some of us are embarassed about how our judgement skills might have failed us in this "investment" scenario.
Some will say, "we should have known better", "if its too good to be true....".
But I would like to remind you and those who feel "we should have known better", that people invest in the stock market and win or lose daily. Basically gambling on the unforseeable outcome of some venture completely out of their control.

People invest in real estate ventures and win or lose with similar regularity.
It's not unusual for a speculator to buy a house and flip it the same day for a tremendous profit. I know because I see it everyday in my business.
Sometimes they make a bundle and others they might break even or even lose a few bucks.
Are they embarassed? Are they judged? I think not.

We didnt lose our money... It was stolen. We were lied to and certain media venues assisted perpetuating the facade of a legitimate enterprise to support the lies.
In addition, banks allowed this company to move funds in and out of accounts without question as to its legitimacy.
Brokers allowed "cosmo" to trade even though he was "prohibitted from doing so" according to his "felony conviction" release agreement.
Magazines and other Media portrayed him as a "shining star".

My point, dont be embarassed. We were fooled, but we are not "fools" We were robbed. We are victims of fraud. Some of us are middle americans with basic education, but there are many of us that are doctors and lawyers.
Be proud, you did nothing more than most high end stock market investors or realty speculators do every day.

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