Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Tuesday 2/24/09

Yesterday had not been completely uneventful. Bob Mcmanus and I had a long conversation with Jacob Zamansky. Mr Zamansky is pursuing some "leads" that might help him to determine the strength of a "third party" case.
He is also scheduled to "speak to" the Trustee or receiver on friday. Ultimately, I "think" Mr Zamansky wants to find out "who" the trustee is going after and how.
We explained to Mr Zamansky that we would need to see a "proposal" from his firm in the next two weeks before we made a decision to retain him or look for other counsel.

I also spoke to Thomas Valery of "resolutions". He too is scheduled to meet with or speak to the "trustee". He too wants to find out "who" the trustee is going after and how.
"Resolutions" have been very helpful in passing along information to our group from the begining with no agreement in place. I think highly of them.

Finally and most exciting, One of our fellow agape brothers - Keith M, has brought to our attention a group of "agape investors" that have already gathered some steam outside of our group.
According to my contact "Marilyn", they are 500 persons with over 40 million in net losses.
Our group (managers) are making plans to meet with their group and coordinate a merging of the two.
Strength in numbers !

I'm going to have to start asking you all to get ready to put together a more comprehensive contact package for us to submit to the attorneys that we eventually hire.
It will very likely be a name, address and net loss questionarre.
We'll be preparing a quick contact info sheet and post it to the "yahoo group" site for you to fill out.

It seems, this other group may have already started a class action suit. I'm looking into it and will keep you posted.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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