Monday, February 9, 2009

Our meeting with "newsday"

We (a small group of us) spent hours yesterday trying to get newsday to promote two themes:
1. The law has to make third parties responsible for exposing the pubic to erroneous information. This will protect future victims going forward.
2. And to encourage the "agape family" to stand tall. I'm not sure if the article they print will highlight these facts. But I will say it again. we all have much to be proud of.
We live in a difficult time in a difficult world. We have all worked and saved hard enough to have some money to invest. We were "robbed", We didnt invest in a cardboard box that would magically change lead to gold. We invested in a "bridge loan company", a lender...It turned out the owner was a thief. He should be ashamed. Let him look into the eyes of his children and know that they see a thief. Our children should be proud that we are the type of men and women who make an honest living and we are not the type who'd take from others what is not ours.
I have seen the "internet sites that call us greedy and foolish". I say to these people, who are you... hiding behind a fake name, keyboard and monitor pointing a finger at us and calling us fools. Are you better than us. I would suggest that your insensitivity is cold and your behavior is cowardly. We, the victims are your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and neighbors (if not now, perhaps one day). If we fall in your path, do you step over us laughing at our misteps, or do you reach out your hand and help us to step up again.That decision will make you who you are.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
Our Strength and Unity


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