Thursday, February 12, 2009

Response to my request for clarification from Resolutions, Investigations & Risk Management Inc

In response to your request for clarification, "Resolutions" first has offered to assist victims in identifying the category they properly fit within. As discussed at our meeting on Wednesday evening, the categories include:

a. Investors in Agape bridge loans or merchant advance scenarios who had continually reinvested their assumed interest payments at contract or period endings, into new Agape contracts or periods and never received any compensation in the form of interest or otherwise from Agape.

b. Investors who received assumed interest payments from Agape bridge loans or merchant advance scenarios and did not reinvest.

c. Investors who received finder’s fees from Agape to bring new investor into bridge loans or merchant advance scenarios in addition to their investment activities.

Although each person who invested in Agape is a victim, they all have differences as outlined above. These difference must be considered when making decisions on the proper path to take to protect your right to recovery.

This is how "Resolutions" is assisting victims. Further, because "Resolutions" is intricately involved in this process and therefore following all the components of this complex matter, including the trustee, the criminal proceeding and other civil proceedings, we have become the source for up to date information and guidance during this path.
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