Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturdays meeting at 1393 Vets Mem Hwy

Fair turnout. A lot less than I had expected though.
Bob Mcmanus was kind enough to put together and walk us through a slide presentation of the origin of the groups creation, its development both emotionally and its current status.
He also outlined a plan going forward.
Mike Canale after having had the media room paid for and set up by his company (Scorenson Communications) had great imput into the direction we should be taking in the next few weeks.
Gary Corsale was also there to help keep the agenda organized and flowing towards a healthy conclusion.
In addition, Rich, Damian, Elizabeth, Cynthia, Paul, Darlene, Dr Patel and so many others made excellent contributions to the meeting in the way of comments and new ideas.
Over all the group was wonderful.
So, What did we accomplish?
At this point we asked for "leader" volunteers (got a few) and will continue to ask you all to consider joining that group.
We need as many as 20 for starters and I think we might have 5 or 6.
A leader will be responsible to report to and from a small group of agape "victims" with questions asked and answered by the attorneys, share news and events and take emails and phone calls from the respective group. Those leaders will then meet as a committee on a regular schedule and discuss current events and future plans for the larger group (the whole).
By the meetings end the group asked that we arrange to hear from "MARK S. MULHOLLAND esq, regarding a proposal to represent us.
We will try to arrange for that presentation this week.
Finally, JACOB ZAMANSKY has asked us to have us arrange for a larger group meeting this coming friday to speak the larger group.
Anyone interested in taking the "leader" responsibility, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

If you already have a group of "victims" that you represent - or speak for and to - and are willing to act as their "point person", please let me know as well.
I would need their names and emails so we can create a master list for the disemination of important news from the group and thereby ensure that none are missed.
We should have the "mullholand" meeting info for you soon.

Our Strength and Unity

Our Strength and Unity
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