Monday, February 2, 2009

Investigator that has offered his services

Michael G. Kessler, CEO and founder of Kessler International, a New York-based investigative firm that investigated Agape World, advises investors that, “If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be working in conjunction with the government, lawyers, or investigators, be sure to report this to the FBI or the USPIS. Watch out for generic contact information, such as email addresses from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or OptOnline.”

Kessler also says, “Do not give out your personal information to anyone that you aren’t sure of without first performing your own due diligence. Definitely do not pay any fees to anyone, no matter how small.”

For over 20 years, Kessler International has been a world leader specializing in international corporate investigations, forensic accounting, brand protection and computer forensics. Established in 1988, Kessler International's satisfied clients are comprised of an extensive and distinguished list of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and prestigious law firms worldwide. Its diverse staff includes former prosecutors, former law enforcement agents, attorneys, certified forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, certified forensic computer examiners, CPAs, certified internal controls auditors, licensed investigators and researchers.

For more information on forensic accounting, computer forensics, and investment fraud, visit Kessler International’s website at or call (212) 286-9100.

Michael Kessler
President and CEO
Kessler International
New York, NY
Phone : 212-286-9100
Fax : 212-730-2433

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  1. Just an investigator is not going to help. What do we need to pay an investigator for?
    most of us don't even have any money. In fact we have been wiped out of our life's savings. What we need is an aggressive and efficient law firm to go to bat for us in order to be restituted.Simple as that. There is too much information in the media, other victims, lawyers, brokers, etc that we are overwhelmed . We need to take immediate action and move on with our lives.


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